Aluminium Compressed Air Piping Manufacturer

Flowell Pneumatics Private Limited is a proudly Indian Aluminium Compressed Air Piping System Manufacturer based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We specialize in solutions for compressed air and fluids distribution. We provide superior performing compressed air & gas systems with engineered longevity to reduce operating costs and improve productivity.

FLOWELL is one of the leading Aluminium Air Pipe Fittings Manufacurer in India. We work with complete dedication to provide our clients with advanced compressed air piping systems. We provide an extensive range of compressed air Aluminum piping which is a clamped type system used on all types of pipes. The pipes can be of Aluminium or Stainless Steel materials.

Our products are engineered to be the most user-friendly and robust piping system available. The modular components design is ideal for both new and retrofit applications and can be easily modified to accommodate configuration upgrades or expansions. Installation of an Aluminium piping system means there is no need to weld, solder, braze, glue or thread. Non welded and non threaded threaded piping technology ensures less labor costs, faster turnaround time leading to improvement in project completion schedules. Engineering companies especially engineering consultants in turnkey project contracting prefer to use these systems for efficient project execution and engineering design.

Modular Air Pipe Systems is tough enough to withstand the most extreme conditions and is backed by our leak-free warranty. Our team is ready to support you with costs saving solutions for new and existing projects.

Aluminium Pipes for Compressed Air

Due to the non corrosive nature of Aluminum alloy, the pipe retains its surface finish without any scaling or rusting thereby maintaining a very efficient flow rate at a very low pressure drop. Also the compressed air pipe fittings are made of stainless steel which provides high reliability, rigidness, quality and durability. These are used for all Pneumatic applications using solenoid valves and Pneumatic cylinders, for e.g. packaging machinery, printing presses, cement bagging machinery, pickling plant for Steel industry, food packaging machinery, pulse sorter machinery, pharmaceutical plants with a high efficiency and low downtime.

We have executed projects in the following sectors:

Textile Industries, Aerospace, Automobile, Railways, Defense, Foundry, Chemical Industries, Machine Shop, OEM, Packaging, Thermal Power, Paper Mill, Food Industries, Electronic Industries, Beverage, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Blister Packaging, Research and Development, etc. 


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