Piping Design Essential

The Background of Compressed Air Piping Design

Industrial Air Compressor Piping Accessories

Compressed Air is costly to manufacture. A poorly designed compressed air system can increase energy cost, promote equipment failure, reduce production efficacy and increase the cost and frequency of maintenance. Various Industrial Air Compressor Piping Accessories affects the overall efficiency of the Compressed Air Piping system.

To ensure the expected performance and reliability of compressed air system we should carefully select the equipment, components and its accessories.

The Compressed Air System is divided in four parts:

  • Generation
  • Storage
  • Drying & Filtration
  • Distribution

Generation – Air Compressor

The Air Compressor is a mechanical operated machine which converts the energy from electric motor or diesel engine into the pressurized air energy which is called compressed air. The rapid growth of high-tech industrialization demands the use of compressed air at many applications which increases the production rate and minimizes the manual working hours.


Classification Of Compressors

Storage – Compressed Air Receiver

Air Receiver is a primary storage for the compressed air to balance pulsation from the compressor. The compressed air gets cooled and undergoes condensation in the air receiver. The selection of compressed air receiver is crucial to meet the required demands of plant along with effectively handling the load unload pattern of the compressor.

Drying and Filtration – Compressed Air Dryers and Line Filters

Air Dryer – Air Dryer is use to remove the present of moisture in compressed air. The surrounding atmosphere, altitude and application demand are the basic criteria for selection of an efficient compressed air drying system.

Types of Compressed Air Dryers

Line Filters – Compressed Air carry dust particles, aerosol form of the moisture and sludge (mixture of dust particles, moisture aerosols and rust from receiver). It all gets arrested in line filters. They are the most important components for Food, Beverage and Pharma Industries. Line Filter also increases the air tools and air cylinders performance and their life. It also enhances finishing of powder coating and press painting products.

Distribution – Compressed Air Piping System

A piping system is an assembly of pipe, fittings, valves, and specialty components. All Advance Piping Solutions in India are engineered to transport a fluid or gas safely and reliably from one piece of equipment to another.

The Piping Accessories for Industrial Air Compressor should be selected with the following points in mind:

 • Pipe diameters should be selected that minimize pressure drop and allow for possible expansion.

 • Fittings and valves should be selected that create the minimum restriction to airflow. Large radius bends are preferred to elbows.

 • All piping must be well supported to minimize movement and sagging. This will help to minimize leaks, avoid build-up of corrosion and fluids and lengthen the life of the pipeline.

The two basic distribution systems for compressed air are:

Single Main:

This is most suitable for simple installations where the points of use and the supply are relatively close together. In a well designed system, the maximum pressure should be nor greater than 0.2 bar. In practice, try to make the main pipe as large as possible, especially if there may be future expansion of the system.

Compressed Air Accessories


 Ring Main:

For larger systems with numerous take-off points, a ring main allows airflow in two directions to a point of use. Because air is supplied to any piece of equipment from two directions the velocity is halved and the pressure drop reduced. Another advantage is that isolation valves can be incorporated to enable specific sections of the system to be shut down for servicing without interrupting the air flow to other users. Such systems are more energy efficient.

Industrial Air Compressor Piping Accessories